Are you ready to be a social justice leader?

Metropolitan College of New York salutes our extraordinary alumni, many of whom have dedicated their lives and careers to social justice. People like alumnus Gary P. Jenkins, MPA’06, the Commissioner of New York City’ Department of Social Services and new MCNY board chair. If you’re looking to upgrade your career and lead change in your community, read on to learn how we can help.

“My degree from MCNY helped accelerate my career.”

After many years working at the Human Resources Administration (HRA), Gary knew he wanted to move up and that would require a graduate degree. Looking for a college that could accommodate his full-time schedule while also sharing his values and passions, he found the perfect fit with MCNY.

Earning his Master of Public Administration in just one year, Gary was equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue his career goals. MCNY’s focus on practical hands-on experience, prepared him for the work challenges he would encounter. The small and intimate classroom setting meant Gary built lifelong connections with his colleagues and professors — connections that bring him back even today as Professor and Board Chair.

Gary Jenkins

“The experience at MCNY helped make my goals possible. The College accepts the person that you are and works to develop you into the leader that you can be.” – Gary P. Jenkins

“MCNY allows you to bring real-life work issues into the classroom, break them down, and come up with real solutions. The courses adapt themselves to the needs and work of the students … The way they teach and the material that you read helps you think like and become a leader. I felt welcomed there. I feel blessed to have attended MCNY. It helped elevate my professional life and has given me some life-long friends that I still cherish today.”

Gary P. Jenkins